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100g Gold bar: Hafner Germany

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C.HAFNER Fine gold bars. Tradition since 1850

C.HAFNER is one of Europe's leading companies in the field of precious metal technology. As a gold and silver refinery, C.HAFNER processes secondary material into fine gold bars. The Good Delivery Status of the LBMA guarantees the ethical origin of C.HAFNER fine gold bars and the highest level of purity (999.9).


▪ Guaranteed purity of 999.9

▪ Good delivery status of the LBMA

▪ Made in Germany

▪ Marketable worldwide and without markdowns ▪ Ethically and ecologically safe

▪ Premium aesthetics

All C.HAFNER fine gold bars are only available from well-stocked precious metal dealers and banks.


Fine gold bars by C.HAFNER are available in the following denominations: Embossed bars: 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz, 50g, 100g

Cast ingots: 1oz, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1,000g

Fine gold bars from C.HAFNER guarantee the highest level of security:

All bars are delivered in a “CertiCard”, which allows checking the authenticity and integrity of the packaging before opening. The enclosed certificate provides information about the serial number and confirms the tested purity of the bars.

LBMA Good Delivery Status

Precious metals from C.HAFNER are recovered entirely from secondary materials, i.e. from old gold such as jewellery, watches or medical devices. The Good Delivery Status of the LBMA guarantees the absolute purity of the refined gold and that it is ecologically and ethically harmless.

In addition, it enables companies and end customers to rest assured: Gold that enjoys this status originates from sources which are not guilty of any human rights violations. Similarly, no criminal activities have been aided by means of this gold.

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