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Why you should invest into gold?

Good reason

Gold holds its value for a long time and thus protects money from inflation. It is not an investment for a few days or weeks. It is an investment for a lifetime. It protects the money you save from inflation and it appreciates in value over time. Gold's instant liquidity for money makes it an excellent tool for good times and bad. Gold acts as a sustainable investment in stocks or real estate. Everyone should have some of their funds stored in gold.

Your investment opportunities


SAVE combines the security of investing in gold with the flexibility of customizing your agreement, allowing you to create an investment plan that perfectly matches your personal financial goals. Choose SAVE to ensure your savings grow with the value of this precious metal, with full control and adjustment to your preferences.


Start by using our investment calculator to precisely configure your investment parameters. You can specify monthly savings amounts, choose the investment period, and decide whether you prefer a one-time larger investment. The calculator will help you understand the effects of your financial decisions.

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Monthly savings€102.00
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How about you? Are you ready for worse times?

In the face of current economic challenges, it's essential to make wise investment decisions. While the economy may be under pressure right now, it doesn't mean there's no way to protect your wealth. During such times, considering an investment in gold is a prudent choice. Gold is an asset that retains its value, regardless of the current economic conditions. In fact, during periods of uncertainty, the value of gold often rises as it becomes a safe haven for investors. Investing in gold is a way to safeguard your savings from potential financial market difficulties. It represents a source of stability in uncertain times. Therefore, we encourage you to contemplate investing in gold, even in the face of tougher economic conditions. It's a way to secure your financial future and ensure peace of mind during uncertain times. Seize this opportunity to protect your wealth.

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Gold coins of 999.9 purity are decorated with the mintmark and have a specific denomination. Although they are not usually sold with a certificate, they are the official currency of the country they represent. Due to their high value and the purity of the material, they are often considered not only as a means of payment, but also as a form of investment. Many people collect them for their historical value and unique designs. In addition, in crisis situations, gold coins are seen as a safe haven for capital, which enhances their popularity among investors.


The 999.9 purity gold bars come with a unique number, which is both stamped on the bar and included in the accompanying certificate. Each bar represents a guarantee of the purity and authenticity of the metal. Because of their value, gold bars are often seen as a solid form of investment. Having a certificate further enhances their appeal to collectors and investors. In the financial world, gold bars are valued for their durability of value, especially during difficult economic times.